Hi All

I would like some opionion from my IT colleagues around the world including in INdia for myself.
To help you give better opinion let me first give you my background:
- 26 yrs in IT
- 11+ yrs in infrastructure - servers, networking....
- recent 15+ yrs in software development in ASP, VB6, IIS, MTS, MSSQL, VBscript.....
- no exp. in .NET
- some exp. in Java and J2EE
- good exp. in mainframe
- some ERP exp. like in SAP, GreatPlains, and couple more not so famus none the less those two ERPs were also quite nice but not so popular like SAP and GreatPlains around the world
- Good fundamentals in RDMBSs like MSSQL, DB2, IMSDB, Oracle .......
- exp. in various business verticals like Pharma, retail, manufacturing, banking, insurance....

1. I am now interested in developing career in SAP functional like PP and / or MM. SHould i invest my time, energy and money for this?
If yes, what is the way to go about - which good institute to go for proper training.
I was thinknig of Siemens in India which charges approx. Rs. 325,000 (approx. Euro 5000) alongwith certification.
Others less costly - 1/10th of above charge but not so reputed.

2. Second interest in Linux certifications - will it pay back?

3. 3rd choice, Oracle DBA

4th choice is Oracle financials.....

How about little helping me out here to make up my mind?

THanks for your time and opinion, friends!


You have got nice experience.
Which way you should go ? right...!!!

Importent thing is what's your choice? which option you want? or which one you will enjoy most? ask this question to your self,,,,
all the fields you mentioned are good. They'll pay you back only if you will be efficient on them.
So choose the job you will enjoy most or you feel like doing.