Sometimes, randomly, my GNOME environment crashed back to the GDM login screen. I just lost everything I was doing (I did save, but not too recently).

It's not a huge issue, just all my applications crashed and my environment.

Also, sometimes I get theme errors with starting it in the top left or something. I have to log out and back in to fix the error.

Whats up with it?

what version and dist of linux ?

are you using the desktop effects?

Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (check the signature next time).

And yeah, a lot of effects.

i mean, as in appearance -> desktop effects

e.g wobbly windows, spinning cube

these effects are known to make your xserver unstable.

Damn. That totally sucks. I love Wobbly Windows.

lol every1 loves wobbly windows and i know this is prob a very silly question but do u hve the correct driver installed for ur graphics card?

Yeah, the issue got fixed when I upgraded to the newest developmental hardy kernal. I forgot to mark this solved.