I'm in my third year of working full time, and I work for a government contractor doing IT/Telecom work so I'm a little worried about job security. I have ~2 years (I think about 60 credit hours) worth of college credits, but they're split up among 2 different schools so I believe they're going to be worth much much less once I transfer. However, I would like to get a piece of paper at some point saying I completed a Bachelor’s. I believe its best to go for an online degree and I want to learn about the colleges that are accredited and offer such degrees. Please do help me move further on.

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Hi Roselmina,
This is a hard one but I will give you my two pence.

First, I would start by saying it depends on your current situation and you will have to give an take a few things. I think online colleges/universities are like the regular colleges/universities in that they all carry a certain reputation.

So, if you cannot find the time to stop work and go to classes (where you would have maybe more and better choices) then online would be your best bet. You might as well as you might not loose any of your existing credits. Because each college has their one criteria.

If you choose to do it online then look for the BEST/more reputable colleges/universities to see if they offer a online degree in what you want to study(remember to futher away you go from your previous studies the more credits you will loose).

hope this helps

Counting on your experience I would say that you may be getting an advantage of it in other jobs. As far as credits are concerned I think that there is time limits for them…you better enquire about that. Having a B.degree is like having a license to get a better job with growth. You should check out <URL Snipped> Online bachelor degree since you are interested in an online degree as they have a list to male you enhance your options.

I'll give you the schools with online options that I'm familiar with:

Ellis College of NYIT
Drexel University
Strayer University

There are many others but these are the ones I know are regionally accredited which is what you want to go for if you plan on pursuing any graduate level work.

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