Well basically my problem is that when i use the built in defragmenter it takes a few hours to defragment, i don't know if thats normal but it seems very slow. So i was wondering if there is any other defragmenter that is definately faster. Thanks in advance.

Packard bell intel pentium 4 CPU 2,80GHz, 512MB of RAM
(just copied all the information from right cliicking my computer and properties then went under General)


Personally I like defragler. It is free and by the same people who make CCleaner. Gives you many more options and a visual of what is going on.

a few hrs isn't long for defrag ,,also it would depend on the size of the drive and how bad its defragemented.

i have yet defr4ag my 320 gig ,running win7 since last november ,started to do defrag last week and its 0% fragemented

thanks for the replies, anyway i use the built in one, and i think that my computer is fully 'defragged', but the bar at the bottom doesn't show all the colours in one place. For a full defrag should all the colours be together? I though it might be fully defragged because after about 10 consecutive defrags the computer defrags very quickly now, but im not sure everything is defraged

no the colors will not all be together ,for one ,system files are not defragged ,therefor they would be in different location

The more intensely you defrag a partition ie go past just removing fragments and into over-consolidating your files, the sooner your files will fragment again. Windows has spread out the files on my C: drive [only the OS in there] with lots of spaces, so it doesn't fragment them too much, i find. Every time your sys reads and writes back a file it is going to fragment if it is a part of one consolidated chunk.

so what is the best program to completely defrag then? because when i defrag now there is practically no difference. Most of the blues (contiguous) are together but there are white lines (freespace), red lines (fragmented) and green lines (unmovable) running through them, and there are small chunks of white spread around. Is there any way to completely defragment this?

Here's an attachment to show what it looks like --->

The large green immovable block is your page file. Have you set it as dynamic, or fixed? If dynamic you may find other blocks being created here n there.
The white spaces everywhere are not a problem. Files that are modified often will be kept away from files that are not.
The other green blocks - I don't know how many files you have but it may be that your originally allocated Master File Table and reserve is full, and the system has assumed extra space for it.

Why not get this free trial to play with?
It will analyse your disk and show you what the blocks are in some detail.

thanks again gerbil, i'll try it now and ill mark this as solved in a few days

Post back with pics of before and after using PerfectDisk if you will, SSSD. I'd like tosee the effect, and what a couple of those green blocks actually are.

here's a pic after using perfect disk, looks pretty good now i think

Nice enough, SSSD. You can see straight away that you have some fragmenting of rarely modified files still. i wonder why it did not fix those...? Only a few, though.
Would have been nice to have seen the "before" SMARTplacement.

sorry but i had already posted a picture of before with the windows defrag, so i thought thats what you meant

Yep, not a problem, I was just interested in those extra green immovables.