Is there any real home/Internet based job?

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You may try to register at freelance jobs website and start bidding for projects posted there.

Yes, there really is such a thing. I work from home. :)

ithelp, your signature has a parse error.

ithelp, your signature has a parse error.

Added ; but did you mean my sig has a BB code parse error ?

Freelancing is the best way to work at home, and probably the most profitable. Particularly in our industry, there are opportunities everywhere. You might try working with a company like SNIP/SNIP they'll handle all your back-office management, and save you money in taxes because you won't have to pay self-employment tax. It's much easier to run a business working with an employer of record, and you can make more money because you spend all your time marketing yourself and working for clients, instead of worrying about all that other office stuff.

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