Hi all,

There's this webmaster of another website emailed (cuz im the one who maintain the company's website) for a link exchange. is there's any special way to implement this other than posting their link to our static page? he said he want their link to put it on a cached page.

Hope someone could help me direct to a website that teaches how to implement a link exchange on a website. thanks.

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I would completely ignore the email. It's likely an automated email just trying to get links to their site.

I personally automatically delete those emails, it's just spam.

BUT, if you're seriously looking for a link exchange, take a look at Google for a ton of freely available scripts.

commented: He helped me on Link exchange issue... +1

hey there. thanks a lot. im pretty sure its a real one since its responding to my questions. thanks. so much for a newbie..i dunno that link exchange need a script. x_x

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