Well, i kinda left my cousin alone with my linux box when root was logged in (woops) and hes kinda a guru so he did something that causes the printer to print random crap when i move the mouse

i think he catted /dev/mouse to /dev/printer , how do i rectify this?

my speakers have similar odd things happening to them when i move the mouse too (buzzing and popping)

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Sounds like you've got quite the cousin there...

All you should have to do is run ps -ax , possibly piping it to more , and then looking for any processes that say "cat ...". Once you've found out the process numbers, simply terminate them with kill .

Of course, it makes it 10 times harder if he added this to your startup scripts, in which case you'll have to check them... (look in /home/you/.bash_profile or something similar for local scripts)


i think he scripted it :(

also it seems he changed did something else. i rebooted my machine and now when i try to login as any user it says PAM ERROR; ACCESS DENIED

im gonna reinstall (/home is on a sperate partition so i wont lose my docs)

grrrrrrrrrrrr (im gonna get my payback by deleting his hand-crafted LFS system hahahha)


This is why I never let anyone else use my login. I have a root shell open frequently.... and who knows what could go wrong.

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