I've recently decided to move toward a career in Web Development as that's what i'm most comfortable in. I own my own website & learning new web technologies is something I've learned I have a passion for. I have a BS in Computer Science and have a full-time job as THE software Application specialist of the company however recently i've discovered that I am not happy because I miss working with the web. So I decided to start working toward a career change. It's been hard because I work Mon-Fri 8-5 so my options are limited to those for the learning professional.

A few months ago I began looking and found TechSkills. They offer a certificate program for web development and are in my area so I have online AND campus support(Charlotte, NC). However they do not have federal funding so that was out.

A few weeks ago I began looking again online for possible options. At first I was looking at a Bachelor Degree in Web Development from Baker College however someone advised me not to get another Bachelor Degree because I wouldnt be advancing tho their course outline had everything I wanted to learn in it including Visual Basic, C++, Web Applications, Web Databases, HTML, XML, PHP, Databases, linux/unix, server administration and the list goes on.

After looking even more today I found a Masters Program in Web Development at Devry University & that caught my eye and they have a campus in my area. However after looking at online reviews i've seen that they are one of the least respected online universities by employers. Sad to say my excitement ceased.

I'm at a loss. I also found a few websites that say that online graduate programs are more respected than BS online programs. All I want is a career in web development!! So I decided instead of going to online university review sites where the reviewers are from all different types of programs, to go directly to the people who are doing what I want to do!!

I'm open to any opinions & suggestions about how & WHERE to start my web development career. Please help!! Sorry this is so long, just wanted to give you the full picture. Thanks in advance!!

check out your local community college...I recently took a PHP course online from a communtiy college about 1 mile away...I liked the way the course was set up and the flexibility I had to do the work on my own time. But it was not for a degree.

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