Hi, I need help on my website, Chattabox (no domain yet). I want a basic microblogging/blogging website which people can join up to, but all I know is some bsic CSS and HTML. If anybody can help that would be great. Thanks.

Hi That WikiGuy,

have you thought about using a content management system like Joomla or Drupal. Both come with blogging software or if it is just purely for blogging and nothing else you couldn't go much wrong with Wordpress software. Some web hosting companies will install this stuff for you and it's just down to you to configure.

CMS is a bit of a learning curve but not difficult if you know HTML and CSS. However much a shoddy language it is, PHP programming is a useful and not too difficult to learn skill. It will benefit you in whether you create your own web pages or use a CMS.

One last thing, I will get flamed for this but I would also try another forum site to ask for help like devshed. All of these threads seem to get loads of views but no one leaves a response. It's not like many of the questions are hard or anything, but members here just don't seem to be too bothered about responding. Either that or we're all newbies.