I'm a self taught website builder with limited knowledge on the subject (my main area is video) and having recently redone my website I uploaded it and started checking it in the various browsers. Safari was fine, it was built in Dreamweaver, constantly checking Safari, Internet Explorer seemed fine after a tiny bit of tinkering but Firefox is giving me a problem.

The URL is www.ar24productions.co.uk

When on the Ethos page, the client list gif stretches over the footer, extending the page, whereas i'd want it to be contained within the main content box with the footer where it should be, at the bottom.

I'm it is doing this because of something to do with the auto height being 100% but that is just my guess.

Can anyone help, I would appreciate any advice as my limited knowledge has been found out.



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Copy and past lin to your page into validator and you will be supriced to find few mistakes :)

Ahh, thank you very much. An old friend helped me solve my original problem by telling me to put a clear:both rule in the main body but this will be very helpful to get rid of other errors in the site, cheers,


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