Hello everyone, firstly if I am posting in the wrong section please accept my apologies.
I made a website for a building company some time ago but can no longer access it from my home pc and therefore cannot update it. I can access it at work (but cannot work on it from there) and I know the company I made it for can access it so there is nothing wrong with the site address etc. I have asked several friends what I can do in order to access it again but nobody knows what the problem is and I cannot log onto it at all. I use IE7 and Firefox and have tried Opera but nothing works and I am at my wits end. Any suggestions would be greatfully recieved, thank you

Site address : www. kacpm.com/

Kensington and Chelsea Property Maintenance

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Can you access the site via ftp? If so, have you some strange HTACCESS permissions set?

Have you tried changing you DNS entrys on your computer? Try open dns. http://www.opendns.com

If this fails do an nslookup www. kacpm.com

Can you ping that address?

Another thought.... While you were building the site did you change your hosts file to point to a dev server? If so maybe you forgot to change the hosts file back after you moved it to a live server? Just a thought. (I've done it before hehe)


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