Hello everyone, firstly if I am posting in the wrong section please accept my apologies.
I made a website for a building company some time ago but can no longer access it from my home pc and therefore cannot update it. I can access it at work (but cannot work on it from there) and I know the company I made it for can access it so there is nothing wrong with the site address etc. I have asked several friends what I can do in order to access it again but nobody knows what the problem is and I cannot log onto it at all. I use IE7 and Firefox and have tried Opera but nothing works and I am at my wits end. Any suggestions would be greatfully recieved, thank you

Site address : www. kacpm.com/

Kensington and Chelsea Property Maintenance

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Another thought.... While you were building the site did you change your hosts file to point to a dev server? If so maybe you forgot to change the hosts file back after you moved it to a live server? Just a thought. (I've done it before hehe)


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