Hi Everybody

Me and my team have been building a web-based application aimed at professional business people. Caloosh allows you to arrange meetings and will then provide you with directions and recommended hotels. Your meetings can also be integrated into your Outlook account and if desirable you can also charge for and promote meetings with a web-based calendar.

The service is free to use and has just been launched in Beta version and we would love your feedback and thoughts.

If anyone one would like to take a look that would be great: [link removed]

Just checked out the website, seems like a very nice project indeed. I like the idea of poll to determine the best meeting time.
I tried to get to see "Take the Two Minute Tour" but for some reason it does not work. It just gives me a message saying that I just been Calooshed, no video no nothing. Why is it so?

Hi manzo_banzo

Thanks for your feedback. I'm afraid the two minute tour is still under construction, it's only been up three of four days. There is a video on there (see Caloosh video podcast) but i'm afriad it doesn't cover the functionality.

Thanks for your feedback!

The Caloosh Team