Nice to meet you people. I work as a .net developer in Croatia (actually Europe). I work with asp.net 3.5, sql server, css tableless, crossbrowser, ajax light interfaces. Well, i love .net and c#, and programming, and i am open to all technologies. Lets say something like unix/windows mix! Some parts are ms some are open source so are home-made, some are components. In short, i do web, and as u may know, web is idea, interface, and well mutli-part job. I do serious websites - and mainly i work from start to end. Some people like to make special web software, but i am more 4 fully custom websites. High traffic.

Favorite toolkits:
mootools, asp.net ajax, nettiers.

Plans for future:
MS MVC - i must admit that i hate web forms. Too slow and too complex for nothing.
I would like to have something like php, but still to program data layers in c#.

Ideas, work?
well i am always open for interesting projects. I don't like office or big corporations, i love small teams with sharp ideas. I tend to make things that have spirit instead business projects. I am not the guy that loves to talk too much about SQL server or such (well usually i can't avoid.)

welcome to daniweb!