My Creative Zen(Vision: M) Starting messing up last Thursday Here's post from another forum, please help.

Last Thursday- Alright last thursday I was switching through songs when it sudenlly froze. It's frozen before so I knew all I had to do was reset it, which I did. Then it froze at the "ZEN" logo screen then finally went to recovery mode after 1-3 minutes. I tried restarting again to see if it would work, but to no avail. In recovery mode I've tried "Clean up" and it says it's "Scan... disk" but it freezes and I even left it on for 7 hours while I was at school and it still said "Scan Disk..." but still wasn't doing anything. Then I reloaded the firmware and then put it in the dock. After a while it finally showed the battery life, and I started to upload the firmware. It reads the Zen and even the Zen says "Docked" on the bottom of it. Then when it comes to the "Uploading firmware part" It loads up until it has 2 bars left(Almost done) and then it says firmware upgrade has failed. I even changed my WMP 11 to WMP 10 and still the same problem

Monday- Well I finally decided to format all and it did so(took about 10 minutes). Now when I plug it in it reads it and has the little window on the bottom of the screen that reads "Docked". And when it showed "Docked" which only happened every once in a while before I formated it if it said this then when I tried to add new firmware it would seem like it was working but crash right before it ended. Now even though it says "Docked" when I try to add new firmware it says the Zen is not connected.

Wednesday- I Uninstalled and Reinstalled every creative zen related thing on my computer, still nothing works.

Unfortunately, this will not help. I have had my Zen M for a few years now and I regret every incident that I have had. When it works, it works great. When there is a problem, nuclear war is the only fix. I have had to send it to them (customer support doesn't know anything that there basic fix it files tell them) for a fix, and it came back only to start having issues a few months later. Now it is out of warranty and they will not even help on recent support fixes because the date of purchase is the only date that they use for the warranty.... Good luck!

Good Information. i will use this.

I hope the warranty for your zen is still good.. Just send it to the service center...or get a new one...