There are so many delicious tutorials in the application programming -> c++ section,which 1 should I choose first ? I'm surprised to see nothing in the web page design section.I'm going to take a web design course next month already messing with paintshop and macromedia....i think,people should be encouraged to post their " signatures " in that section as most msn and yahoo groups sharing signatures are locked

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Firstly welcome to the site :D

I'm sure that the web page design will come along quickly so dont be worrying about that.

As for your comment about signatures - I have replied to your other post and also sent you a PM about this. There is a valid reson why some types of sig are not allowed but I will sort this out for you. Alternatively if you have any form of personal webspace then follow these instructions to allow your sig to be correctly displayed.

upload to webspace your sig in a valid graphic file format (eg jpg)
this will assign it a valid URL (eg http://homepage.ntlworld.com/kerry-anne.peters/logosandpics/peterska2av.jpg is the link to my avatar)
use the [-img-] [-/img-] tags (removing the '-'s of course) around the url to post the image in the sig box in your user profile.

This will then cause it to corretly upload like this

Happy to help.


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