A friend recently gave me a bunch of compressed (not illegal) music files, which I have absolutely no idea how to open or decompress. Each file seems to be in 3 parts/files with a pattern in the file sizes.

For example:
AXELPIN.11c is 539kb
AXELPIN.22c is 1078kb (539 * 2)
AXELPIN.44c is 2156kb (1078 * 2)

All other files follow the same pattern, albeit with different file sizes.
Does anybody have any idea how to decompress/decode/open the files? Numerous google searches have done absolutely nothing. If need be, I can post some of the files here.


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No luck. I tried ZIP, RAR, ACE, 7z, ISO (pointless I know) and about 3 or 4 others


That file type isn't registered :( It must be some off the wall format. I tried it on two different machines. Given the name of the files it looks like one is missing and maybe more?

sk@sk:~/daniweb$ file *
VIDEOMOD.11c: data
VIDEOMOD.22c: data
VIDEOMOD.44c: data

sk@svn:~/daniweb$ file *
VIDEOMOD.11c: data
VIDEOMOD.22c: data
VIDEOMOD.44c: data

perhaps there a decryption key or something similar stored in the executable that reads them or another game file. should i post upload it? worst comes to worst, Ill attempt dissasemble the program and find it that way


OK. I just made some major progress in figuring out what they are.

The game has 3 music settings. Mono, Stereo and Swapped Stereo
Mono has 1 channel, hence the 11c; Stereo has 2 channels, hence the 22c and Swapped Stereo must have 4 channels or something, hence the 44c. And after loading the raw data up into audacity, i heard the content of the files, but it was garbled. So we want to decrypt the 44c file


Can't you just ask your friend how you are supposed to consume the media rather than hack at it? Audio files are not my area of specialty so i'm afraid I won't be much help at this point :(

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