Microsoft's much talked about Windows Genuine Advantage scheme is now in place and active. Windows users who download updates from Microsoft now need to undergo verification checks in order to get the downloads. The only exception are Windows security updates, which will still be distributed regardless.

The verification checks will effect downloads from Windows Update, Microsoft Update and Microsoft Downloads sites, and as well as Windows itself will impact on updates to such software as Windows Media Player, DirectX and the new Microsoft Anti-Spyware program.

Those people who have inadvertantly purchased a copy of Windows which is not legitimate will be able to obtain a legitimate copy free of charge by providing proof of purchase and the counterfeit CD to Microsoft, and also submitting a piracy report. Those people unable to provide proof of purchase may purchase a valid license key for their copy of Windows at a heavily discounted price by submitting a piracy report.

what if you have a genuine copy of windows and the updates site wont let you download and install updates though as has happened to me. then what??? what happens then??

i've been trying to get the windows genuine advantage validation tool and i've been trying all week to obtain it but to no avail. resorted to contacting microsoft technical support.

anyway how does one get hold of the piracy report documentation etc?

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