ValueClick has recently announced plans to acquire a competing advertising network, FastClick.

ValueClick currently owns three properties: PriceRunner, an online price comparison service, Commission Junction (CJ), an affiliate network, and Mediaplex, an ad serving technology. FastClick would become a fourth subsidiary of the publically traded company.

According to Aaron, DaniWeb's resident ValueClick publisher representative, good friend of mine, and daddy to adorable Savannah, the acquisition will be finalized in about two months from now. :)

From a publisher perspective, I can only guess how this will affect fill rates and CPMs. Currently, FastClick is known for accepting many of the smaller publishers, and let's be blunt - offers some pretty crappy ad campaigns. (You know the type) While ValueClick has recently stepped it up a notch with a much higher quality of advertisers, their CPM rates still leave a lot to be desired - especially when compared against ultra selective Tribal Fusion.

Thanks Dani! As far as how this acquisition will affect publisher's that work with both networks, the simple answer is that it won't. The current plan is to keep the companies databases seperate. There won't be any changes in code or the UI's.

If anyone has questions feel free to direct them to me here, through Daniweb, or email You may also sign up to become a publisher with ValueClick by going to


It will be great since i have accounts both with fastclick and value click and this will enable me to have a single account and also there will be more easy to manage. Hopefully the effect of cpm with be benificial to the publisher.

This will also have other advantages such as a wide range of advertisers, Greater benifits to advertisers.

mddv, according to VCLKhelp, it seems that "the current plan is to keep the companies databases separate." In other words, you would still have two accounts - one with FastClick and another with ValueClick. Changes will be made on the company end of things.