Hehe i guess she watches that show "Nanny 911" and decided to call and ask for a Nanny!!

A woman in Wisconsin obviously watches too much TV, because she thought that 911 actually provides a nanny service.

She is heard sighing, saying “I need a babysitter.” She also said she needed some company. When the operator explained 911 isn’t a help line service, she hung up the phone.

The cops did send an officer to her house and found she was frazzled, but OK. She apparently made an honest mistake and will not face criminal charges.

It amazes me how often 911 is misused.. (It doesnt surprise me though)

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Hehehehe .... nice mann ...Nice link..
And remember all girls are not like her ...Here take this PICTURE and believe it .....hehehe
Men are also not that much brave [ hoops but i am brave hehehe]
Take a look at this picture .....???!!!!

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Hey i found this images nice and RARE [ i never tested the first one ... try .... hehehehe ...]
And the second one hoops don't tell anyone .....I found Bush playing Cricket ...

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HEY THIS IS NOT TRUE ....NOOOOOOOOOOO I can't believe it .........

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