Hey peeps! Me and Dan are doing a group project on "Corporate Training" for a multimedia class we're in. Dan didn't come to class today :P when the rest of the group here assigned out individual topics to research. My topic is "latest technologies"

Can anyone help out? What are some latest technologies which might be incorporated in the business world to train their employees ...

how about that laser pen, handheld mouse for powerpoint presentations ... any other ideas??

BTW ... Dan, if you happen to read this before the next time you come to class, I volunteered you to design the graphics for the website and the two of us are going to focus on the web design.

I can't believe she made me present that Flash game I made.

Maybe you can upload it to the server and post a link? Flash is some pretty cool stuff.

It was my first serious (if you can even call it that) project I did in Flash, and I'm not too proud of it. ;)

hey r u guys still lookin 4 ideas? i can send/post a coupla links u's can surf if it might help...

What links? Yeah, we'll take them. Thanks!

sorry, kinda jambed for time right now... the top grouping of links is for tech review sites, the middle grouping is for specific items and the link at the bottom is for a game that i didnt get a chance to look into. I also had some links for mid/never 21 century computing based on quantum mechanics, biological and/or chemical processes which'll make next decades computers look like the original Pong console (find that one! lol); if ur interested i'll spend the time either resurrecting those links or finding current ones...













did these links help out or no? interested in the super computer links?....

Cool articles. The one on 3D and interfaces was cool (third from last). I'll talk to the group about it. Thanks again.