I am looking to develop a software which can initiate phone call from Computer thru VoIP Gateway. I have found some applications, where I should manually dial the phone number. But I need to trigger call by system itself based on some incidents. Can anyone suggest what technology/languages should I use to develop this kind of application ? I am a beginner for this. I don't have any idea where should I start to develop this kind of applciation.


Well, if your company/ network is all macs, then you can develop a program that can make calls through a VOIP server, like a Cisco Call Manager. After you develop that, you can use the Apple utility called Automator to make the program you made call a specific phone number/ extension and play a sound.
User opens Microsoft Word for Mac.
Automator says, "This file has been opened, tell program example to dial x1234
Program you develop Dials x1234
(Phone is picked up)
Automator- Play file "Rush-Force Ten.mp4"

Something like that.

We don't use Mac servers. We use IBM servers. This won't fit for us.

No, mac workstations, laptops/desktops.

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