Well, I am not a developer, or a programmer, and I'm not an expert on probably most of the subjects that are going to be discussed on this forum, so I'm not sure how often I may post, but I wanted to say hello and introduce myself nonetheless.
I arrived here following a post from craigslist in relation to video game design and writing, which is where I have my expertise. Perhaps a little more on the creative end, than the technical.
Computer wise, I was raised on the mac, but converted to pc a few years back to be more compatible with the rest of the world at the time, but have recently returned to my first love and am having to retrain myself once again with a brand new operating system (jumping from my old 8.9 to 10.6).
Outside of my video game work, I also write novels, short stories, articles, and reviews.
As a fun hobby, I also act---I do extra work in films, and in some t.v. programs where they have people re-inacting crimes or events from history, and so on.
Other than that, I listen to heavy metal music and classic rock, I'm 36 years old, a single male, and aside from video games, I'm a full on gamer on the weekends into both table top d&d style roleplaying games as well as LARP (Live Action Role Playing, where you act as your character instead of just sitting around a table, if anyone isn't familiar with the term.)
So there's more than anyone probably needed to know. I'm pleased to meet you all,

Welcome to Daniweb Chris.:)