I've been reading several threads to try to get help with my problem but I've got to admit that I am just getting a bit overwhelmed. I am not nearly as computer savvy as I can clearly see that most of you are.

Here's my problem:

In my home I connected a small network by means of a dlink router. While it has wireless my two computers are not connected wirelessly at all. The wireless was more for my son and his video gaming equipment.

Now (some time ago) when I got the dlink it came with the network magic so I loaded it which the trial has long surpassed but still have it on my computer and can clearly see the network path (ect.).

A few days ago I checked the network path and saw intruders. I'll be honest and did not have the security set up (I know my bad) but have now set up the wep key. Dlink tech helped me do this and we chose wep due to the fact that I didn't know if I could use the wpa (?).

Now I was informed that creating the wep would instantly kick off any and all wireless intruders BUT according to my network magic I still have an intruder. *grrrr*

The only equipment that is on in my house is mine and my sons computer... none of his gaming stuff is on (Wii, DS, PSP).

If what this network magic is indicating is true and I still have an intruder on my network I want to block them.

As I have mentioned I have been reading lots of threads on here and it's just getting a tab bit confusing to me as to where to start to rectify this problem so I am in need of some guidance.

What I would really like to do if I can:

First, Can I see who they are and what they are doing? Now from what I have read is that I can track some kind of packets but do the packets tell me what they are actually doing or do I need some kind of keylogger to do that - or can one even do that?

Second, I saw there is some program that can actually sent the remote computer a message (now wouldn't that show them!)?

Third, I want to block them and anyone else from using my network.

Any help with doing this would be greatly appreciated.



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Why do think you have an intruder-what's the evidence?
Does this intruder show up in the Network page in the router configuration?
This program will tell you what machines are active on your network:

Thank you for your reply.

The reason I think I have intruders on my network is that the network map is telling me so. Also I can see the various MAC addresses of the intruders that have used my network.

Am I not correct that these MAC addresses are identifying various intruders on my network?

Yes, but are they current, especially since you've installed security?
This often happens inadvertently, also. I have accidentally connected to my neighbor's wi fi from time to time, so these may not be "intruders" at all, just accidental travellers.
Refresh your network map and see who's there now.
If they are, you can set up MAC filtering, but remember that neither filtering nor WEP are rigorous.

Your right as to some of the detected intruders could have very well been accidental travellers there is one that continues to show as using my network since installing security.

I'm not sure how to set up the MAC filtering but will try to figure out how to do it.

My other question still remains being is there some program that I can load on my computer to enable myself to watch what intruders are doing on my network or is this not something that I can do?

Thanks kindly for your help - it's much appreciated.

Just wanted to come back here for my update.

I was able to configure the MAC filtering. I have it set up so that only the addresses on my list are able to access my network.

Thank you Hughv for taking the time out to help me with tightening up the security on my network - much appreciated. So far so good and there have not been any intruders since setting up the MAC filtering.

As for my other question as to watching my network I have read several posts that talk about this so have a few tips so that if in the future I chose to do so I can but feel as though there is no longer any need as long as no one else appears on my network on a regular basis like the one problem I was seeing.

Again thank you - nice to know I have somewhere to turn for help.

We'll consider this thread as solved. *smile*

You wanna disable your Wireless SSID Broadcast. Its under Wireless tab inside your router options. Then go to Basic Wireless Settings. When wireless clients survey the local area for wireless networks to associate with, they will detect the SSID broadcast by the Router. To broadcast the Router SSID, keep the default setting, Enable. If you do not want to broadcast the Router SSID, then select Disable.

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