what is SEO and what are his duties??

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Meaning of SEO

It stand for Search Engine Optimization

It also means Senior Executive Officer and since he's referring to 'duties' I suspect that's the meaning he's looking for.

Ok, thanks momerath for correcting my mistakes.

In Digital Marketing SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is all about marketing your website.

Thanks is what i have said amukhtar.

This has only one answer:)

Well some guys said that it also can stand for Senior Excutive Officer

Well some guys said that it also can stand for Senior Excutive Officer

That would be me. If you bothered to click the link you'd see that it could stand for many things.

it's the process of tricking Google into thinking your pr0n site is really something else entirely.

Should we take precautions against it?

search engines do take precautions against it, and constantly tweak their algorithms to detect and filter out the false results it yields.

Thanks for enlightening me jwenting. Can we configure the search engine.

it all happens behind the scenes in the servers of Google and others. No need for you to do anything unless you work for them :)

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