I found this game on another forum and found it really very interesting lets start it here :) hope everyone will enjoy it

Make a wish, and let the next poster give you some bizarre result based upon your wish.

Example: I wish I had a million dollars.
Reply: "You get one million dollars and arrested by the police for mysteriously robbing a bank."

"I wish I could climb up the sky"

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Granted: So you start climbing up the sky, and as the air gets thinner, the higher you get, you died because of lack of air and pressure.

I wish to be invisible when it suits me.

Granted: But on one condition it will work untill you sneeze.... The worst part is that you have flu all the time....

I wish to buy new Nokia N900

Granted. You get one without a screen, battery, and charger. Also, it's invisible.

I wish for world peace.:D

Granted. Everyone is dead. Very peaceful. (ewww...even I think that's icky)

I wish I had an independent income of $100,000 US per year.

Granted. After the lawsuit for granting world peace and having only one human left on earth to share it, you get an independent income of $1 US per year, and no where to spend it. Btw, who would sue you? :-/

I wish that my brain was not smaller than a peanut and especially not filled with dust.
(It could happen. "I wish, I wish, I wish...")

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Btw, who would sue you? :-/

I suppose a comment about lawyers and humans? No, too mean. My nephew is a lawyer. Besides, ruining my wish is independent of ruining your wish. I think.

Anyway, Granted. Your brain is now EXACTLY the size of a peanut. And filled with sparkly, new brain material.

I wish I was as handsome now as Tyrone Power was at his handsomest.

(I can think so much clearer now and it's sooo sparkly:D.)

Granted. You die of a heart attack right after.

I wish for clouds in the sky, "sparkly" clouds.

(It must have been the shock of looking in the mirror and not seeing my current ugly self!)

Granted. But it turns out the sparkly clouds are a large swarm of meteorites sleeting through the atmosphere. It is the last thing you see before you are vaporized.

(Scary how much fun this is...what does that say about me?)

I wish I had some ice cream.


Granted. Being late from a long day of granting wishes, the granter mistakenly grants you one eye to have a mouth, which screams at everything you see. Therefore, you got "eye scream".

I wish that a burnt out light bulb could change it's self.

granted: the lightbulb DOES change itself, but it shakes itself so much in the process that it breaks, and is constantly changing itself so that you never have a working light.

I wish i could effectively speak to my dog, and have intelligent conversations with her.

Granted. After a few "intelligent" conversations, the dog realizes that she could run for president and gets killed by a "intelligent" sniper cat that was running for the election as well.

I wish for everything I have no use for.

granted: you are stuck with yourself. LOL

Wish: I wish for a licorice rope a mile long

(Nooooooo!!!, not me!!:D)

Granted. It is tied to a jet fighter plane on one end, you on the other, and the jet is taking off.

I wish to be a potato chip for one day.

hahaha. I love skydiving!

Granted: I eat you.

I wish to have a pet aye-aye

(:'(, I never knew what flavor I was!!! :'(:'()

Granted. When you touch it, you turn into one yourself.

I wish I was a dirty sock. (try eating me now!)

you were sour cream and onion flavored.

Granted: Too bad i eat EVERYTHING. I eat you again. Mmm dirty socks.

I wish i was the ebola disease.

(If I were sour cream and onion flavored, I would have eaten myself before realizing what flavor I was. The sock thing, uhmm.., ok...)

Granted. You wake up in the laboratory for testing vaccinations against the ebola disease and my "dirty sock" relatives are doing the testing.

I wish I was a dollar in a strip club.

Granted. But you aren't used to entice a gorgeous stripper, you get put into a cigarette vending machine and so miss the show.

I wish I was slender.

I would have taken being sat on by a fat dude, not chic, being spat on, by a fat dude, not chic, but being stuck in the cigarette machine with no chance to go home with a stripper, that is plain rude!!!:'(

Granted. You turn into a beef jerky and get sold to a "reallllllllly" fat chic.

I wish I knew the things I know now, when I was first born.

Granted. You know all the pain now which scars you for life.

I wish I was the best programmer in the world

(If only I had scars in my life)

Granted. You become GOD and have to deal with everyone's problems.

I wish I lived in a nutshell floating in the ocean.

Granted and the nutshell is also air-locked and you have no oxygen cylinder

I wish I could have 2 more hours to sleep :(

Granted: You sleep 2 more hours and miss your work.
I wish I was 21 years old.

Granted and you have to complete your studies again :)

I wish I am billionaire :D

Granted Only the billion came with a trillion debt to pay :)

I wish I could go to see Niagra Falls

Granted you see Niagra Falls and as your helicopter approaches the blades get wet and you end up in the freezing waters below. Now hurry up and swim to safety.

I wish I could find a way to show people the future based on their choices

Granted. You build a super computer that calculates all reasonable solutions, and right before completion, you test it only to find out that you will not live to see tomorrow. This due to inheriting some sort of disease for not sleeping, eating, or taking care of your self while in the process of working on the super computer project.

I wish for smooth sailing throughout my life.

I wish I was 21 years old. -me

Granted and you have to complete your studies again

I am 13 years old right now :p

Granted: you live a boring-smooth life without exitment.

I wish to make my own Operating System

(Guess that robbing a smiley bank and making it home with a smiley in the bag:D, being chased in high speed chases that end with no crashes and you get back home to your smiley in the bag, and diving with no parachute:D to end up with no scratches whatsoever, would be quite boring.:twisted:)

Granted. You complete your operating system, only to find out that Microsoft and every other operating system designing companies, have all the copyrights to each and every idea you invested into your operating system.

If I were ever to be a smiley, I wish I knew what type of smiley I would be.(of course, before someone's decides to eat me, again.:D)