Granted but the dinosaur notices you and immediately eats you.

I wish I could successfully code in every language known.

Granted, but then you would get alzimers and forget everything!

I wish I could have a jet pack

Granted but you put it on upside down and blast yourself into the ground.

I wish I could eat KD all the time and not get ill from it.

Granted but then the company that makes it will go out of buisness

I wish I could jump of a building and not die

granted, you bounced back & gone in the outer space

i wish if i had a pikachu

You catch your pikachu, but leave your accidentally leave your game in your shorts and it goes through the wash. Your game still works, but your most recent save is corrupted and you lose your pikachu.

I wish I had a pet miniature giraffe.

A mini giraffe is fine until you stand on it and kill it lol

I wish I had a new car

(How dare you kill my miniature giraffe :P)

You get your new car, but as you are driving your new car home a rampaging herd of elephants tramples the front of your car and damages it beyond repair.

I wish I did not have insomnia.

Granted but now you have hypersomnia

I wish I could see a rampaging herd of elephants trample the front end of a car in the city. :()

As you are watching mattster`s car being trampled by a rampaging herd of elephants, the news helicopter following the elephants has a mechanical problem that causes the helicopter to spin out of control and ultimately crash on top of your car. Nearly two weeks after you watched the rampaging herd of elephants you wake up in a hospital bed with no memory of the past month.

I wish that I had an infinite supply of butterfingers.

Granted. Along with that you also get peanut allergy for free!

I wish I could see a book and know all that is in there

wish granted you became idealess & now dont think of any wishes

I wish if I can repair anything by one touch

Granted but you end up in a body cast and you can never touch anything again.

I wish I could remove us from the economic system.

wish granted, but your wish has failed because the huge amount of population on earth

I wish if I can have a pencil with which if i draw anything, it becomes real.

Wish granted but you draw an evil alien that destroys the whole Earth - Nice job! :)

I wish I could have a fit body without doing all the work requred to be fit (I'm tired).

wish grnated, you have a fit body where you always have somekind of coughing fit.

Wish not granted because it goes agains forum-thread rules.

I wish I could get my work done while sleeping.

Granted, but you keep drinking coffee and never sleep.
I wish this Everything was free

Granted but then there would be nothing left to get

I wish I was the Lord of the Rings

Granted, but they think your evil and kill you.
I wish I could remove the black circle around the epic face.

Granted, now your epic face looks ugly.

I wish i make a million dollars for every single character i type, say, or write.

Granted -- but you are sentenced to life in prison without parole for counterfiting money.

I wish I could drive a new Rolls Royce.

Granted, you crashed.

I wish i was as old as AD

Granted, but you don't want to be old.
I wish I was 25 years old, without knowing what I know now.

Granted... but you have amnesia

I wish i lived on an island

wish granted but the island submerged in the ocean after the earthquake.

I wish if i can walk on water

Granted, but all oceans part, much like The Red Sea

I wish I had a girlfriend ;)

You get The princess, but someone kills her to get the throne.
I wish for anything.