After having my nth pair of earbuds blow on me, I'm getting kind of tired of it. I'm not abusive but the ones I get ($20-$40 range) always break after a couple months. I'm ready to spend some good money on ones that won't break! Which ones have worked for you over the years?

My wife uses SkullCandy:

They work great, she has had them for over a year. They also have a Lifetime Warranty, so I'm sure that helps :D

It's funny you should mention them, because I had a pair of them that broke.:) What kind did she use? Also, I didn't know about the warranty, so thanks.

I use Sennheiser MX360. They're great, my last one lasted for over 3 years, and it still works but the quality has degraded. They are cheap (around 15$ i think) and give great sound quality.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, i just got a pair of HeadCandy Comporter earbuds and they're pritty good, i love bass an they're doing the trick at the min and the cost me £7 from HMV, i think they're on sale ate the moment though

Thanks good thread - will check out the HeadCandy and Sennheiser MX360 and the skullcandy if it is different from the headcandy

Sorry it's not headcandy its skullcandy

My skulls have been really good and I have had them for two years now. Sometimes I think it is the ears more than the buds. Everyone has a different ear shape, size and depth and many like to wear their buds differently. If you find something that is comfortable then keep the receipt and the packaging. Even the highest quality products are apt to fail sometimes.