In the market to buy a thin light laptop. I don't need a desktop replacement. Just something where i can move my IM/Email and basic browsing on to. Also something to lug around airports and hotels rooms.

Here is what i've found so far:

I would appreciate any recommendations from users of the above laptops; also any recommendations on other products that I might have missed.

I'm not going to say a single thing about these particular machines. But I will give my two cents about the brands. My first lappy was a Sony circa 2000. It was slim 'n' light, but Sony really jipped on the hardware. Especially, of all things, the sound and video. It was quite a few thousand dollars, and everything in the system was integrated and generic.

I now have a Toshiba tablet PC, and I'm pretty happy with it. No complaints. I've also heard that while Dell desktops are awesome, their laptops leave a lot to be desired. My mom and uncle both have Dell lappies, but very low-end consumer ones, so I can't really say.