because it wants to be there.

Why am i not a bacteria?

Because you are a multi-cellular organism.

Why we are asking the stupid questions here????


Why did i get Offensive MVP in football ;)

Beacuse you are Cat

Whys html tags and <M/> are similar?

why not?

Why am i a straight A student?

because your professors didn't gave you curly or slanted A.

Why the superman wears his innerwear outside of his pant???

because he thought his pants were his undies.

why is there 7 billion people on earth.

because there are no zombies that eat anyone alive

why the mobile phone has a memory card slot

because it doesn't have a rectum card.

why is hitler evil?

because he is not an angel

why this forum have funny questions

because it isn't boring

why does vinnitro like weearing red turbins on his head.

because it was marriage of my aunt

why th cat named <M/> is the member of daniweb?

because it is a smart cat.

Why does vinnitro like the cat avatar :)

I don't like the cat avatar instead i like the dog avatar which can easily scare a cat.

why you are posting silly questions here?

why are you?

Why am I posting at 4 AM...?

because you already slept in the evening

why dragon breaths fire

<M/> in my country it is 4 P.M.

Why my profile picture is of pokemon??????

Because you like kid shows

Why am I an athlete?

because you might have fat belly

why the spider have eight legs

because they don't have 6.

why do i not like pie.

because you like protein drink

why pikachu have shocking powers????

Becuase he have lightning powers

Why does 007 have a gun next to his seven??

Because the gun felt lonely.

Why are lamborghini aventador j's beautiful cars?

another stupid question how can i be a damm rich like bill gates in a week??

you have to answer the question above... anyways.

You can't be rich like bill gates because you are not bill gates...

Why do I have about 4-6% body fat and am all covered in muscle?

why sun is yellow in morning and orange in evening?

You didn't answer the question....

But anyways, Because it got tired.

Why can't we time travel?

Because we don't have wings with time on them

Why is 007's name Bond?

Because it isn't 006.

Why can't i have 10 pack abs