because your professors didn't gave you curly or slanted A.

Why the superman wears his innerwear outside of his pant???

Edited by vinnitro: some correction


because he thought his pants were his undies.

why is there 7 billion people on earth.


because there are no zombies that eat anyone alive

why the mobile phone has a memory card slot


because it isn't boring

why does vinnitro like weearing red turbins on his head.


I don't like the cat avatar instead i like the dog avatar which can easily scare a cat.

why you are posting silly questions here?


you have to answer the question above... anyways.

You can't be rich like bill gates because you are not bill gates...

Why do I have about 4-6% body fat and am all covered in muscle?


You didn't answer the question....

But anyways, Because it got tired.

Why can't we time travel?

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