Hello, I am final year student and I am currently doing a website project on resort using asp.net 3.5 and vb.net and backend as sql2005.
I have modules like Room reservation, membership, events and packages.
Can I get any Sample Project.

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ever heard of google?
basicly, you're here asking whether we can provide you with code, that you can re-use and hand in as your final project. that would be cheating.
also: there are specific asp.net and vb.net fora, you can also ask questions you have there. but beware, if you ask questions without showing that you have actually done any effort yourself, a lot of members won't like to answer or help you out.

in my masters fnal semester i made a website for hotels in islamabad you can checkout it live at SELF PROMOTION LINK DELETED

It has all modules you need including reservation and reviews. altough i made it for hotels in islamabad but it can be used for other cities of pakistan or any country.

let me know if you need it

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