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i just graduated in Bachelors of Computer Applications . but i am in a confusion whether i should pursue MCA. i am bad at programming (i am learning it, but i need to take a decision in 2 weeks), i am good in web designing, but i want to stay in the same Tech field. can you suggest some good courses which i should look for, OR if i do MCA, what are jobs i can get with good packages. if you have good links regarding the same, pls do pass it to me.

Thanks in Advance

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Hi revelator, I want to ask a quick question and I intend no offense by it, I'm just interested: What was the structure and focus of this bachelor degree in computer applications if, at the end of it, you are 'bad at programming'? Was it a 3 year year degree? What languages did they offer papers for?


its a 3 year course.
yeah, people ask they same question every now and then. but i loved designing. my batch was the first at our college. they changed the subjects once the college started. they put Programming languages like Java, C++, C# in our first year only. i was science/biology student in my 12th. when i applied for BCA, there was good amount of subjects based on web designing and networking, but there was change in our management and they ended up changing the subjects... i am not too bad in programming, but i am bad in solving the big ones... i had one of my worst nightmares doing a project as intern.

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