how do i know what type of programing language i need to use for the design website. like or

i have been told by so many different promgrammers and developers, asp, php, java, joomla, word press. now i am really confused.


You should develop a website using whatever client side and server side scripting you are comfortable with. there is no right or wrong.

If you are just starting, then you need to focus on HTML first and CSS first. Then learn some client side scripting starting with JavaScript, then sprinkle some jQuery to make the more complex JavaScript easier.

Then top it all off with server side scripting. This is where you need to choose basically between PHP and ASP.NET. ASP is prior to ASP.NET are more like PHP, but older.

There is a lot more sharing and help with regard to PHP/Apache/MySQL, then ASP.NET/IIS/MSSQL, in my opinion.

All of this will prepare you for developing typical websites. However, if you get into more of the CMS, then WordPress, Joomla, etc.. is the next logical step.

Hope this helps.