Hello, first apologies if I posted in the wrong forum. I want to know how I can make a pc game on a dvd rom become one which is portable, whereby I can run it on another computer/laptop without having to go through the installation process etc. A friend once gave me NFS Most Wanted where there was no need to install, just copy the folders on the PC and run the game exe to play.

Anyone can help with this?

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Depends on the game. But if it is a game you bought that is on DVD then you probably have no choice other than to use the game's installation program. If it's a game you wrote then how you do it is up to you. Most games nowdays that are on dvd are in compressed format to save space and have to be uncompressed in before they can be run. So just simply copying the same to your hard drive will be useless. Many new games also require internet access and Steam client running.

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