hello everybody, actually I want to work on some open-source project. I want to learn something new and something interesting related to computer science. I can work for 4-5 months on project and even more than that. if not open-source, still if you have something in my mind, you can suggest that also. you all have done much till now, it will help me if you can write and suggest me some good projects currently. any help will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.

Check the open source sites (SourceForge, GitHub, GoogleCode, CodePlex), plenty of projects there. There must be something you'll like.

yes, I have searched them a lot till now. but, I don't know how to see if project suits me , and how to to get involved in them ? secondly, how to see that what are the pre-requistes for that project ? help me in this. I am new to these things. thanks.

pre-requistes for that project

Usually the main programming language used. Other than that, interest.

how to get invloved with them ? can you please throw some more light ? thanks for your help.

Get to know the project, see what others have done and show that you can do better.

You want us to hold your hand through the process of learning how to use someone else's website? I think that is asking a bit much.

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how to get invloved with them

Get the repository, learn what's there, add or improve, push changes.

cool suggestions. @prit is always awesome :p

@prit one more thing, i am starting that why i am asking you. should i start someone'else project or start something else from scratch ? like some desktop calc, or some game or any app ? what do you think about that.
I am only discussing with you. because you can help me alot. thanks in advance.

If you want to learn, for example GitHub, starting a new project on any topic will surely help you understand how GitHub works. Knowing how it works is an important step to take before jumping into someone else's project.

SO that means I should adopt my own project first ? will it better for me currently ?

your comments are always always always rude to me!

For most of my career there was no internet. When I didn't know how to do something I was expected to figure it out for myself. I couldn't go out and just buy a book because:

  1. There wasn't as much published information as there is now
  2. Books are expensive and I wouldn't know which one, if any, would have the information I needed

I would have killed for the resources available on the internet that we have today. Doing a Google search takes seconds. Even if the information is not available in one location, I can generally figure out how to do something by checking several search results and then experimenting. Most of my questions consist of either "is this possible" or "I'm stuck on this one little detail". In a lot of cases, just knowing something is possible is sufficient. I get very annoyed with people who are too lazy to put in the effort and want to have their hand held through every step of the process.

If you are educated enough to put yourself into the workforce (as your job with Samsung would seem to indicate) then you should have the chops to not need this step-by-step guidance.

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From my experience, it isn't really easy to contribute to a not-so active project. I don't know if you will easily get into the flow, by forking any github project. Perhaps, you want to try a slightly large organization? Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mozilla... they have these "where do I start" pages which should pull you along.