Who here is a hard core gamer

Define hardcore? I got to Prestige Master in Black Ops 2 on the Xbox, and am now working my way through the Ghosts ranks having completed the campaign over a couple of days. I completed GTA V in a week and am working my way to a 100% rating. Both games purchased on day of release, before 9am. I also have a custom modded Xbox 360 controller etc etc.

I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer though. Have no intention of splashing the cash on an Xbox One, have never owned a gaming PC, do have a life :)

I would consider you a gaming god.

You need to get out more ;-)

Yeah. I probably do. Do you know how to message dani

You can send a PM to members by clicking on their profile and then the 'send private message' button, or if they are online you can hit the 'launch live chat' button next above any of their postings for live chat if they have the option enabled.

I am a gamer but I don't play very often because I tend to just go to gym and "body build"... my siblings on the other hand are hard core gamers... they know the entire game before it comes out :D

BTW, we are getting the ps4 on friday so I am curious to know what it'll be like (if only titanfall was coming out for ps4...:()

I'm not a hardcore gamer.