Hi im new Here:
I was wondering are these specs are good.
My friend Shane is building this for me.

CoolerMaster K350 Gamer USB 3.0
12 universal usb ports
800w PSU casecom (Red Fan)
8 core AMD
Sata 2.0
2x 1TB HDD
250GB Samsung Evo
Dont Know what the motherboard is
MSI Twinfrozen better than a GTX 560
1 dvd prehaps 2
3 or four four fans
Tp-Link 300mbps
Fan controller
and thats all I think. oh wait and 8gb of RAM
let me know what you think

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Personally I would get just a single 2tb drive rather than a 2x1tb drives. I have seen 2 or 3 different 2tb HDD go for $59.99 this last week so you can't really beat that price. Plus the more parts you have the more that can go wrong. I think it is wise to have a SSD like you have, 250 is a good size. What is the RAM as in 4x2 or 8x1 as well as frequency? Also what AMD 8 core? the fx-8350? What are you main uses for this computer going to be gaming, home or office, video editing ect...?

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It should work for most games, some of the newer games are going to require a little bit of a faster GPU, the ram should be fine for gaming as along as you don't have programs in the background that are hogging all the memory. The process, assuming you are planning on getting an 8350 or better should work, they are alright, definetly not made for gaming, and you will see significantly slower FPS compared to most of the Mid range Intel chips (i7 4770 and 4790 as well as i5 4690k). The build should work though for the majority of games, but if there are any specific game you are looking at let us know and we can tell you more on if the system you are building can handle it or not. Most games that are going to strain the PC would be high detail games, something like Crysis 2/3, Battlefield 4 and other games along those lines.

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