hello friends
i want suggestion of hardware not really for gamer but for a geek
i want to use:
1.after effect
2.3D design MAYA, 3DXMAX
also play some prety cool, no the best processor in market but a good processor which i can update with the next generation of CPU

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Gamers want fastest response on single thread, and cover single core CPUs or dual core systems, high clock rates. Geeks might go for max total power, which is usually achieved with more cores. I have found that I live with the CPU I buy, as faster CPUs often need new sockets, different RAM, Mobo.

Gamers might want the fastest and most powerful graphics processing with max fast RAM. Geeks might be happy with having the graphics coprocessor to offload that from the CPUs and RAM bandwidth, especially as native graphics steals CPU and RAM cycles big time, but just go for good enough, so they can spend extra money elsewhere.

RAM is great, especially when juggling graphics, but it should only be fast enough for the machine, and if the machine does interlaced RAM cycling, you want to give it enough dimms for dual channel.

The disk can be the real speed bottleneck, so consider putting the important stuff on a SSD. If that is too rich, pay attention to rotational speed and interface speed as well as cache size. One way to hype the disk is to stripe across multiple spindles (with good local and remote backup as any one dying takes them all). Using RAID parity adds overhead, so unless done in hardware, skip it. Some apps need redundancy, so go with a mirror, doubling your read bandwidth.

While stuff eventually gets to run at clock speed, first it has to load a disk speed, then work its way up the caches from RAM.

a quad core fx-4350 is enought ??? with with a corsair 8GB PC12800 and an AMD R8 GPU

Sounds nice, if they all mesh properly: mobo, cpu, mem controller and ram specs. Is the 8GB in 2 channels? What disk?

RAM in on dual chanel and is that big differenvce between fx4300 and 8300 ?? i saw on the number of core are maximum i thing we dont need so much core right??? and i will use HDD with 64MB cache, i take HHD for hight capacity and low price and it is sata 3 6Gb/s,

I like striped multiple disks to get disk BW up. A lot of speed ends up being disk speed. I wonder how SSD compares to HW RAID5 with top end drives? SSD price and BW compared?

yes about disk all okay but about CPU my old laptop had an amd inside and i wasn't abble to play MKV files and with a amd E1 when i play a MKV there are some problem is amd realy good choice for media computer ?? or i must switch to Intel core i5 not i7 for the hight price.

Sounds like a bad driver install, not a CPU difference. They all run the same instruction set, with one major (x86/x64) and many tiny (e.g., hyperthreading) variances.

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