Hi guys, I have a dell xps 17 and the connector is broken. I've found what I need on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DELL-XPS-17-L701X-L702X-POWER-SOCKET-JACK-CABLE-RMD72-R7DCGM7PB000-PJC237-/271230139718?clk_rvr_id=932028979691&rmvSB=true but I was wondering if anybody knows whether an official dell retailer exists. I had a look at their site but I couldn't find the part, I also live in the UL so if dell has it, they will have to ship it to the UK. ANy idea?

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Here's what I do. I order it on Ebay since a call to Dell costs more than the part. As to Dell in your country, hit dell.com and check where that takes you. Dell, if they have an office in your country would then be found and called. I don't know if you notice but not all things are on the web or done via email.

I prefer to do everything online. Managed to get hold of Dell, not sure if dell US or UK though, they said they'll help me to find the exact part...will see, if it drags on too long I'll get that off ebay

Isn't there any local computer repair shop? Maybe your garantee with Dell gets broken that way. Depends how old your device is.

Hi ddanbe, I wouldn't bring it to a computer shop as I can do it myself :-). The warranty has expired. Anyway, I bought the part on ebay in the end as Dell are pretty slow to reply and I can't wait for them to come back to me. It should arrive in a couple of days, it looked like the part I needed.

All done and working.

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