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A friend of mine lost a laptop the other day and unfortunately, there was no way to locate it . It got me thinking about solutions for locating stolen laptops or for that matter, most electronic hardware. Most of the solutions that I've come across e.g Adeona at http://www.linux.com/archive/articles/148197 do not impress me much because all it would take is a software(O.S) re-formatting and the tracking application is gone. The privacy part of Adeona is impressive though.
What I would like to know is, does anyone know of a hardware solution that could be used, such that even if the machine is formatted it would still be able to send location information to a server or some email? (I've seen someone who actually included a pet tracking chip on their laptop, well hidden from view!).

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Hardware trackers are hard to come by due to the limited space inside laptops.However software solutions have always been around.the problem with software trackers is that once the laptop has been formated it is very hard to retrieve it. Thus hardware would be the best solution as the component is embedded within.after a lot of internet searching for a hardware solution I found a young guy on the internet who has come up with a local hardware solution for this he calls the matrix blackbox.He actually embeds it a motherboard tracker in your laptop which you can physically track via text messaging.The tracker responds with gps text messages, google maps url and street address of where the laptop is.Moreover you can eavesdrop on conversations around the laptop and hear everything in its surrounding. It's a pretty interesting innovation.i saw it on youtube today here Click Here and i admit he has tried.check it out and see if it helps.

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