Bought an HP Elitebook 6930p at auction. It was dirt cheap beacuse it had some kind of HDD encryption on it and no one new what it was or how to crack it. When you booted it up all you saw was a bunch of numers in increments of 4. I figured a new HDD Drive would do the trick. I bought a used HDD and I am trying to use it but when i start the computer i get "Non-System Disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready.

Here are the specifics:

The laptop is a HP Elitebook 6930p p/n KK080AV
the old (original HDD) is a TOSHIBA MK1655GSX 160GB (HP PN 493442-001)
the new one is a TOSHIBA MK8034GSX 80GB

The Elitebook Bios can differentiate between IDE and AHCI and I have it properly set for AHCI

SO here is my two questions

1) is there something I can do to format the original drive to get rid of the encryption problem (like would a USB to SATA wire allow me to connect to another computer and format the drive)
2) What do I need to do to get the new HDD working if I can't do the first question

Anysuggestions or comments will be appreciated.

What happens if you boot from your windows installation cd? Do you get the same error or a different one?

Answer to 1)Unlikely you will be able to format the drive you will have to use some form of disk utility to remove the partition(s)including the EISA one if it exists
read this

What is the initial startup with the replacement disk in 1) can you get into the BIOS/Setup and if you can 2)Does the system recognise the new disk. If all is good to go from there Can you answer Rik question. Or try a Linux boot disk and see if the system will come up on that. 3) if you can boot using a Linux disk can you browse/navigate to the new hard disk.

RIK, I get the same error regardless of what I try

        Wil, I can get into the BIOS I will check later to see what it registers for the HDD>  I do know that I did a full HDD check, an option in HP Bios, and it pased the check so that would lead me to beleive it sees it.  You first part of the answer above, is that If I were to connect the SATA drive to an existing computer via a USB to Sata wire and attempt to format it?   The link tells you how to do it via C: prompt but I cant get on the C: prompt on the laptop as it stands now.

Rik I get the same error whether I use the Windows disk or not. I get the error immeidately after Bios start up

Have you set the dvd drive to be the first boot device in the bios?

If you can mount and see the disk on a SATA cable you should be able to do as you please, but you will need to use a Disk Utility to do it or follow the instructions, but do be careful! wrong disk, wrong partition, and you kill the system which is working and is supportting the disk you want to wipe. Its along shot.....

ok I have determined through numerous tests and trials that my problem is the version of XP SP1 I am installing does not have the SATA drivers I need on it. So I know how to install SATA without a floppy drive but what I dont know is where to find a generic windows SATA driver that can be used during the F6 portion of the download or the actual drivers for a TOSHIBA MK8034GSX 2.5" 80GB HDD. Any ideas?

my system brings crash dump and i off it by pressing the switch button and on it back but what it bring was non system disk or disk errow

I got too that problem
thanks for your information

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