For some reason I felt like playing again after 10 or so years. No one at school every really played it.
Just wondering if anyone here ever played it

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For some reason I felt like playing again after 10 or so years. No one at school every really played it.
Just wondering if anyone here ever played it

YES I DO, my friend actually introduced it to me (I'm 18) about two years a go. I still think it's my favorite cause nothing else seems to quite satisfy the hunger to total domination. lol

Actually there is a little small but still alive community where you can go and get a hack to raise the maximum units allowed. Also you can download packs to add all different types of units.

Well my two cents, but still the game is kick ass!!!


Oh yes, best game ever with the possible exception of Diablo II.
One of the few games I actually had to buy again because the CD was worn out (seriously!).

Still play it once in a while. With both official expansion packs of course.

First and one of the few times I was ever actively involved in a clan, drove for 10 hours once to attend an all-weekend LAN party (never done that again).

Sadly the online community seems to have been completely taken over by the gamespy spyware consortium, making downloading units and maps nearly impossible.


Sadly the online community seems to have been completely taken over by the gamespy spyware consortium, making downloading units and maps nearly impossible.

Ohh yeah I did forget to mention the amazingly sucky GameSpy.


I know there are still people who play Total Annihilation online. We usually play Total Annihilation: Twilight, itself descended from Absolute Annihilation and Uberhack, and would love to have more people to play with online.

The website is here:


and the latest version is here:


What is Total Annihilation: Twilight? The list below, while certainly not comprehensive, summarizes some of the more notable features.

- Original Total Annihilation Feel

- Well Balanced Units, Structures, and Overall Gameplay

- Great Strategic and Tactical Depth

- New Units to Fill Strategic/Tactical Roles

- Improved Models

- Newly Added Sounds

- Errors and Bugs Fixed

- Single Player Campaigns Enabled

- Balanced Expressly for Multiplayer

- AI Built From the Ground Up

- Customizable AI Profiles

- Multi-Directional Factories

- Improved Loading and Unloading for Transports

- Nano Turrets and Fortification Turrets

- Larger, More "Naval" Feel to Ships

- Devastating Nuclear Weapons Worthy of the Name

- New Experimental Gantry Units On Both Sides

About Total Annihilation: Twilight

What is Total Annihilation: Twilight? Put simply, TA:T is an extension of OTA (Original TA), balancing old units and adding in new ones, as might have happened had Cavedog (The maker of Total Annihilation) not gone out of business and continued to update TA.

TA: Twilight strives to make all of the original units useful, as well as adding in new ones to fill strategic roles, all while keeping the original TA feel. While there are many units, they have been added for the purpose of filling specific roles and to generally improve gameplay and fun, and not just so we can say we have lots of units. The idea is that every unit should have a good reason to be built and used. There are some units that are more specialized, and whose ideal situation may not happen all of the time, but the goal is to never have a unit that is just not worth building, either because it is worthless in the first place, or because other units do what it does just as well. Some overlap is fine, as long as each overlapping unit has a solid reason to be built in and of itself.

While the focus of TA:T is on multiplayer, much work has gone into trying to make the single player (Against the AI) experience as fun as possible. The AI for TA:T has been built from the ground up, and includes multiple options to focus the AI on a specific type of game. For example, you can set the AI to build only aircraft, or only level 1 units, etc. All of these AI settings take only a few keystrokes to enable.

From the Absolute Annihilation Twilight Betas to Total Annihilation: Twilight

Here's the short summary of where we came from:

Twilight had been a player of the Absolute Annihilation mod for quite a while (Which was itself descended from the very popular UberHack TA mod), but when Caydr, the maker of Absolute Annihilation, decided to stop supporting the OTA version and only release new versions for the Spring engine, Twilight asked for permission to continue to work on AA and release new versions of it.

Caydr granted this permission, and so since about November of 2005, Twilight had been maintaining and releasing "Twilight Betas" of Absolute Annihilation, which continued to fix bugs and adjust balance issues found in AA version 6.0. For a few months the forums had been hosted at Caydr's own website, www.caydr.com, but an announcement on the front page of the site on January 30th, 2007 stated that he was too busy to keep the site going, and was going to let it lapse. The "Twilight Betas" had changed things substantially since Twilight had taken over development, and he wanted to avoid confusion between the latest "Beta" (Released February 13th, 2007) and the last "official" release of Absolute Annihilation for the TA engine (Instead of the Spring engine), which was put out in the summer of 2005. Because of this, Twilight had been planning to break off and rename the mod, so that he could drop the tenuous "Beta" pretense, and just develop this new mod officially. Caydr's announcement sounded like a good excuse to get that moving, and so, with deep thanks to TAUniverse's gracious hosting, Total Annihilation: Twilight began!

Since taking over in November 2005, Twilight released about 12 new "beta" versions of the AA mod, ending with Twilight Beta 5.7. Instead of 5.8, the next version was Total Annihilation: Twilight v1.0, released in March of 2007 (Lately there is about 1 new version released every month or two, depending on the number of changes made). TA:T is now up to version 1.5a, and Twilight continues working with the community on fixing bugs, balancing units, adding in new units to fill needed roles, etc. TA:T has a small but active community who post quite frequently in the forums regarding balance, new ideas, etc, and we usually have several multiplayer games going on each day and evening.

We are a very welcoming and friendly group of people, and primarily are looking to find new people to play with on-line and introduce to the fun of TA. We have started a tournament recently, but generally just play friendly games. Veteran players and newcomers alike are both welcome!

You can contact me through MSN Messenger or email with twilight13[at]gmail.com.

Thanks, and I look forward to playing with some of you on-line.



Actually I am happy to tell you all that some programmers still keep TA alive. They redone the entire game with a new graphics engine.


Free download and still quite a online community (about 100 people). For copyright laws you must own the original TA or buy a valid license from ebay for 1 buck (or that is what I have been hearing)


For those that like Total Annihilation (I loved it), you'll be happy to know, the maker pretty much made a new game based on the same concept, game, etc. but with newer graphics:


It is a pretty heavy resource intensive game, but I love it!


why do links on your site refer to files on your harddisk?
Fix your html...

Oops, hadn't noticed that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. My HTML editor was being a bit flaky, and I guess that slipped through. Fixed.



I also noticed and mentioned that in another thread. It his just his way to boost his post count becasue he has nothing to say.


He can play word games if he wants to increase his post count ! duh! This is definitely a stupid way rather than intresting way. :D

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