WOW its been so long since i been here it might be that i signed up back when this site was like 10,000 people big. that would have been 11 or 12 years ago.... it was pretty new when i first signed up for this site but i dont think this is my original account. its ok tho i think this site has been around maybe even 15 years i know the owner of this site is a woman because back when this site first began she was able to be found pretty easily. there wasnt as many people. she had black hair her name is in the site name but its not dani its close to it. this site has come back alot of people asking for information on peoples computers that really arent needed because the info was two programs one was from some adware program and just wierd information and i left because i know something wasnt right it was back in windows xp time hmmmm i think they were hackers and gaining information that allowed them to have access to computers and as i sit here with more knowledge than i had before about just things to look for and not look for in knowing who is a certifiable technician and who isnt. it really does show when your certified and when your not. people dont think it does but it does. im glad to see that who ever is helping the people with computer problems are aware of how to be a real computer technician. i think it was malwarebytes or something like that. but why. i just realized why tonight. so im glad those people are not here. it had something to do with the process list information. if they are still here and doing that stuff still then they need to prove there certification with a picture of there license and a picture of them and a picture of there certification because it just is wierd to me as a not certified but i made it to 51% done about 9 years ago in shriver job corp i made it thru the apprenticeship part of the program thats 6 months required to be certified i just didnt get all the book knowledge done but i just recently put in an order for 2015 mike myers exam guide book so im going to complete my dream on my own. it will be awesome. so when i get done you guys will have an extra set of helping hands to answer questions.

i think this account is 7 years old because i am 34 now and i might have changed my information as i made a new facebook page back then and made sure the email stayed with my account or did something i dont know but i signed in with my facebook page somehow it recognized me as being 27 that is wow.

Erm, you joined DaniWeb an hour ago according to your profile...

um with this account then ok i have been here before because i remember that name happygeek ok thanks for putting it in the right place i guess i had to make a new account but anyways i have been here before so i am happy to return here as i am planning on getting my certification for real. so good days.

Heh. Welcome back, whatever!

i know i was here before 50000 for sure there was a marking hit that it was celebrated or it was 100000 thousand mark of members and it was done back in xp time before they had gotten a better version of windows. sometimed during 2008-2010 :D you guys celebrated a big mark in the amount of members so i was definitely here before that point in time.

i would have used the name james higgins at that point in time and i would made it known i was from iowa and a town called fort madison.

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