Can I move ALL my Applications folder from one hard drive to another?

Hi, i'm trying to help my parents on the other side of the globe with an emac i bought them (2nd hand) they're saying the start-up disk is full...which is ridiculous, as this mac has 2 hard drives, one with 10 GB and one with 50GB, if i get them to drag the entire applications folder from the smaller hard-drive to the other, will this cause problems? Links etc?? or is it smart enough to figure it out :-)

Probably. Most Applications are self-contained in their Application file, so there will be very little problems. They are smart enough to find the preference files, which you should leave on the startup hard drive. The only problems might come from large commerical applications, because they can contain more external files.

When you drag the folder across to the other hard drive, it will actually copy the folder instead of moving it, so you can test the Applications from the other hard drive to see if any problems arise. Once you're sure, you can delete the Applications folder on the main hard drive, and you'll free up some space.