hi some one broke into my paypal account and sent someone money. I contact paypal and all but you know that will take forever or i will not get my money back Some one did an unauthorized payment. I have the persons aol email i would like to know if some one can find out the pw to it so i can get my money back my way. I will be pleased to show proof of all this too please some one help me i will even pay you once its all recovered.

1. No, go through the legal procedure. IE contact PAYPAL, and if you are not satisfied with their actions, the relevent regulatory body.
2. For Christ's sake man, don't post your email address. Do you want spam?

What he said.

You have to go through the PayPal channels, that is what they are there for.

You could easily be trying to hack a PayPal account for all we know, after all.

I have snipped your email address from the posting, BTW, as we keep replies and advice in the forums here so to benefit all members.

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You must be VERY CAREFULL and not post your email address straight out!! -- The spam bots have been crawling like crazy lately :(

Good luck getting things taken care of :)

What you suffered from is called "identity theft". That is police matter. Only "evidence" you have is on your PC. Identity thieves usually use spyware that monitors your keyboard. That spyware usually keep records in your Windows\System32 folder. If you use anti-spyware software to clear your system, it will delete the "evidence". So, if I was in your shoes, I'd contact the authorities. They can track down the IP address(es) that the spyware sent those keystroke records to.

i post my email adress the time (its in my sig)
i dont get that much spam actually, max 5 a day usually

i dont get that much spam actually, max 5 a day usually

That's alot, compared to my 0. ;)

really, you shouldn't get any... that is, if you don't post your personal email addresses on an international online IT discussion community....

Wrong. I've done tests where I created a new email address on my own server and domain.
Before I ever used it anywhere (it was only intended for this test) I was getting spam, sometimes within 5 minutes of the address being created.
My bouncelogs also show a lot of email from suspicious domains being bounced that was directed at non-existent addresses.

Spammers might harvest forums and usenet for addresses, but they ever more also use software that generates addresses on the fly.
Want to spam every hotmail address? Just send email to everything from a@hotmail.com to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz@hotmail.com (for example).

I have hotmail account, and I'm getting 0 spam.

Are you sure that you use hotmail's spam filter?

Even with their spamfilter some slips through, but indeed the vast majority gets caught.
Of course my hotmail account is almost a decade old (yes, I'm that old) and bound to be in more spam databases than most.

This account is almost a year old. I did get spam here and there, but I managed to "wrestle it off" by unsubscribing. So far, it has been 100% my victory.

i get loads of spam sent to me but the to line usually reads: ( the first few letters of my adress@domain.com) - i think maybe my isp sends it to the most likely adress or something