BBC Web Design Competition

The BBC launched a web design competition to redesign their frontpage for them a while back. I stumbled on it today. The reason I am posting is because I was quite suprised to see the poor designs submitted to this competition. You can see them at the link above. I wondered what you guys thought.

I also thought what would be cool is the next time one of these competitions comes up we could have a Daniweb submission. In this way I doubt it would actually be possible not to win. The only problem is the time. If anyone is interested in working in some kind of team to do this in the future under the name Daniweb (if that is alright with the queen herself).

Your thoughts please....


I like the idea of a Team DaniWeb, not just for web design but other programming and development competitions as well.

As for the BBC Reboot compo, I actually quite liked the understated simplicity of the winning BBC Malkovitch design but would have to agree that overall one would have expected a higher level of entries. Mind you, I cannot really criticise anyone for web design skills - take a look at to see why :)


Any thoughts on my idea of a daniweb team?

See this post. :)

How did you slip that one in there with out me seeing. Your a sneeky one happygeek. Or maybe it is because I only have one eye.......not really. Sorry

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