lol that newest one only has 43% because i accidentailly clicked on i dont like it instead of that i liked it :(


nice. i cant stand the suse "slab" menu though

also does your updater work?

i got sled 10 about 9 months ago and for some reason the updater was screwed (seemed to be asimialr problem to the one that plauged opensuse 10.1)


nice. i cant stand the suse "slab" menu though

I've been using gimmie the last few days and it seems pretty decent

Attachments Screenshot-gimmie.png 252.23 KB

looks nice. Is that ubuntu or mint?

in case you ever want it pty, you can get an ubuntu compatible copy of the novell slab menu from either easyubuntu or automatix (cant remember which)


is that vista or a skinned xp?

It's skinned XP. Got the skin off www.deviantart.com. Ace skin.


Nah, I just used uxthemepatcher and DL'ed the skin. Now I'm using eminence with windowblinds (if you were talking to someone else, then sorry, my mistake )

Links to the skins:

Royale Vista
Eminence (requires WindowBlinds, a very nice skin: borders of all the windows are translucent, looks almost as good as my mate's vista installation)

And here's a screenie of the new skin (cheers for the link to the widgets by the way ;) )

This psychedelic wallpaper came off www.wincustomize.com

Attachments Desktop_4.JPG 131.98 KB

Hers's my ol' Aquarium theme

hey ppl .... i dunno whts da prob, but i cant attach my file .... nuthin's cumin up

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