Hey I'm Ko and I have just joined this forum. I heard many things about this site as well on Digital Points forum, so I figure I should check it out too!

I'm a college freshman student, planning to go into med school in future. And YES, believe it or not, i LOVE being a web geek and working with scripts and being online and chat or simeply surf around.

I'm from California, 949 area.

Hmm what else.. just ask if you want to know more. I'm no good at telling about me without questions being asked (hence my myspace and such 'about me sections' empty or short haha)

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Thanks for the welcome! =p

Alright time to get back on viewing the tips and tricks in the forums.



I have to say this is the best community in greeting newcomers or newbies (or noobs) !

thanks again!

(oh yeah is there any specific topic I can chat in freely? - just asking since I talk alot and prone to unexpected infractions because of that :( )


Welcome to daniweb!

If you want to just have general off topic chit chat the please post in the Geek's Lounge board (coffee house -> geeks lounge)


whoa all of you are awesome!
yup i'm already posting random sometimes digressive, I mean I am socializing with a manner in Geek's Lounge!

Its fun and I love it here!

ehh nah, I'm martial arts master only when I am required to "print" my name : KO, haha most time,s just Ko. tiny lil "o". =p


yup i'm pure aisan haha
born in Myanmar (SE asia) and raised both in there and japan.

korean? sweet!


That's awesome. :)
Yep my mom is Korean. I've been there 3 times, Hong Kong once, and Tokyo once. It was nice. Hopefully I'll be able to go back there sometime next year.


i've met many koreans back in japan! very nice people and imo, most korean girls are ehh prettier than japanese girls ! XD


haha..now i really miss the old times back in Japan..sigh...

Oh yeah..i cant wait for 3 days weeknd :)

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