the ads that run on this site and the ones on top of the threads. Who get paid when we click on them?

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Who do you think? :)

There are some webmaster forums, for which most, if not all, of the users already have Google AdSense publisher accounts, which participate in what's known as a revenue share program.

Basically what this would mean is if you're the thread starter, your Google AdSense publisher ID (for which you earn money) gets used in the ad code (usually) 50% of the time, and if you reply to the thread, your publisher ID gets used X% of the time, each time the thread is shown. It's obviously meant to encourage participation.

It's actually a rather common program among webmaster forums, which has been publically condoned by Google themselves. I've contemplated the idea of a revenue share program on DaniWeb with some of the Google AdSense spots but eventually decided it wouldn't work out.

Firstly, the user would already need a Google AdSense account, which means they would need an existing website already in the AdSense program. Because not very many of our users have this, it would really make it rather unfair.

Secondly, the main reason webmaster forums use these programs is because most Internet marketers (ok, not all, but most) only post in forums to better themselves, and not for the benefit of any sort of community. Therefore, monetary enticement is the only way to get them to regularly contribute. I don't really want to go down that route, preferring to encourage and grow a strong community and not just have people posting random things to make money regardless of how good their contributions are.

Dani, i really appreciate your answering my post, but you are such a business woman.
In lay mans term, does your site benefit, or the ad owner?

My reason for asking is if you benefit i will click away ( there are some good ones to check out) but if the benefit goes other places they can continue to pop up for all i care. I know you must get something for running them on your site, but is that the limit.

@ Happy if i knew i would not be asking. Just be straight up with me or tell me it's NOYB. i am down with that. I am just a very curious individual, like to know how stuff work.

> there are some good ones to check out

If you're interested in an ad, by all means, please check it out! However, it does absolutely no good to click on an ad you're not interested in, so don't click on an ad just because you think you might be helping us out.

Some of the campaigns I get paid when you click on them, some of them are a flat rate to be seen by a certain number of visitors, and some of them depend upon how many of the users who click through actually purchase what they're offering.

thank you my queen, i have seen a few thing worth checking out. So i will definately give them a try when i am here which is pretty much every day and very late at night , no life LOL

I'm new and don't want to seem rude, but I have found the advertising to slow down the site a bit.

You can go into your member profile and under the options section turn off the IntelliTXT ads (the green underlined links within posts and articles).

Additionally, you can donate for a few dollars a month to see no banner advertising as well as some additional benefits.

when you say a few dollars how much are we talking about $5, $2, you can PM if you dont' want this out.

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