My name is Dave and I presently live in Palau, a small island country 500 miles east of the Philippines and 800 miles south-southwest of Guam. Been here for 10 years, which led me to the internet in search of answers to networking problems and subsequently to DaniWeb. Internet service in Palau is in its infancy. There is only one ISP and it is government owned. There is very little competition and therefore the cost of internet is ridiculous (i.e., 100USD for unlimited dial-up that on a good day runs at 49000 to 52000 bps and 300-400USD for a DSL line). We have two hotels with wi-fi capability and nowhere to get information or assistance when it comes to improving or upgrading what little services there are.

I hope to be able to read through all the different threads, on all the various subjects available on this site, and gain the knowledge I so sorely need which has bypassed us all who live in paradises the likes of Palau.

Thank you...

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