I was reading the thread here about basketball and remember an old joke about the Sacramento Kings and thought I would share it here. For those who keep up with pro basket ball will remember that until this last year they had actually been doing well, prior to that...we don't talk about it here.

At the end of Desert Storm General Schwarzkopf was taking his last walk through the desert when he found an old oil lamp in the sand. He brushed it off and much to his amazement a genie appeared and told him that he would be granted one wish. Schwarzdopf thought for a couple of minutes and pulled a map out of his pocket, pointed to the middle east and said that his wish was for eternal peace in that region. This obviously staggered the genie, after the genie recuperated he asked if Schwarzcopf had an easier wish to fulfill. Schwarzcopf thought for a couple more minutes and said "yeah, I want the Sacramento Kings to be the NBA champs", the genie held out his hand and said "give me that danged map".

yeah.The guy should've wished for the Dallas Mevs to find their stroke in the playoffs.No offense to you josh.

I would have wished for a billion dollars.Such a common wish.

I would have wished for more wishes!

lol i just remembered one too, do you guys remember when cobe bryan w/e his name is raped that girl well here the joke.... cobe doesnt play for the lakers he playes for the rapers lol

*Kobe Bryant
hmm.. okay, I don't find that very funny..

I agree with dcc though, everytime someone askes me what I would do with 3 wishes (or a question similar), I always wish for 2 things, and leave the third as a wish for inifnite wishes ;)

Yeah,I totally forgot about that.Being 7 feet tall would be cool too.